Predict Atrrition Score for Employees

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Employee Turonver is referred to the event, When an employee is replaced with a new employee in any organization.This event may be result of employee resignation, retirement, termination, transfers or unfortunately death . Organizations and industries measure their turnover rate periodically in a calendar year. This rate is compared not only for their internal assessment but compared with that of competitors. Oraganizations not only desire to retain high skilled, high performing employees promote and maintain diversity across departments and divisions of the company for not losing on productivity and saving on training and recruiting new employees. Certain Industries and Job functions have high turnover rate because of its inherent dependency upon season and cyclic needs for example hospitality , sales and call center and summer jobs. Organizations devise strategies to retain employees for example providing benefits based on employee surveys, and always are keen to accurately find reasons as why employees may choose to resign. While employees may leave or resign for many voluntary or involuntary reasons. Reasons like stress, bullying, preceived injustice and unfairness, lack of advancement etc are some of the common reasons and despite Human Resources departments efforts to sufficiently address these probable causes, employee still resign and leave.

There has to be better way to predict and assign attrition or turnover Risk Score to each employee & determine if any employee would leave , what is making this employee, likely to leave & what is making this employee stay ?

Not only know, How likey is this employee going to leave ? & Can we determine when will this employee leave ? and most importantly , What can be done to avoid or prevent it. and what is the impact if this employee leaves

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning readily available technologies , can computer be used to address these questions ? Importantly Does data support the answers to the questions ? Can Use of Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Exercise predict and explain turnover in a way that managers could make better decisions and executives would see desired results ?

Using Sample Employee Data Source:

A Machine Learning Model was created and its fair accuracy encouraged me to use it as application shared here