All Truck operators/owners of any size of fleet of vehicles used to transport goods across State boundaries are required to file fuel taxes at their state’s department of motor vehicles DMV office

A Popular way is to put expensive GPS Tracking hardware devices in each of the vehicles in use & use provider provided software to calculate the IFTA taxes for an additional fee. Another way is to calculate by collecting logs of each trip and let it be used by finance & administrative function for exhaustive manual effort to calculate the taxes in days if not in weeks.

Thought of building an easy automated way for Do it yourself IFTA taxes in minutes.Determination of interstate miles travelled is the key problem solved using google map services running on AWS Cloud Elastic Computing Resources.

By default vital data of Trip logs of starting and destination points and fuel purchases details is anyways with each truck operator/owner, and that’s all what’s needed to get started and file your quarterly taxes

Here is the working product