Analytics using SAP HANA

Allthough, Statistical Inferences using machine learning are not new and have been around for many years and perhaps decades, however these are now possible using SAP HANA and allowing readily available enterprise data to work upon for business and data insights.

SAP HANA not only has in memory database computing platform for predictive and statistical functions but has visualization libraries for rendering state of the art Javascript based interactive graphs and charts.

Common applications can be easily acheived for example on

  • Customer Analytics
    • Who are the most important customers
    • What are customers happy or complaining , using sentiment analysis
    • What are customers buying more and likely to buy for cross selling and up selling
    • etc etc
  • Forecasting
    • Predict future demand based upon historical (sales) data
    • Adjust Prediction for any cyclical or seasonal trends in the (sales) data
    • Predict for any Time Series Data

Intersetingly SAP HANA allows ODBC & JDBC and web API’s based intgeration with third party solutions, so it vastly increases solution architecture options, as so much social platform and geo location data is available in non enterprise domain to make insightful decisions for any business organization

Below is a short (& silent) video of my POC work done on HANA Platform.